“Commanders in the field have acknowledged two tactical ‘game changers’: constant surveillance from advances in manned and unmanned aircraft, and the application of law enforcement forensic and biometric techniques on the battlefield. These capabilities remove violent extremists’ greatest defense — anonymity.”

- Lt. Gen. Michael Barbero (Ret.), Director,
Joint IED Defeat Organization, 2011-2013

DFBA Deputy Director

COL Zane Jones

Deputy Director

Biographical info for COL Zane Jones is forthcoming.

Top Work Places 2016 & Awards

Mr. Don Salo, DFBA’s Director from 2013 to 2016, received the U.S. Army’s Diversity and Leadership Programs Award for the creation and implementation of best practices supporting diversity and inclusion that earned the agency recognition as a model EEO program within the Army. In addition to an open-door policy, he established brown bag lunches with nonsupervisory employees to address issues at the lowest level. He used multiple avenues to ensure transparent communication up, down, and across the organization, setting a standard for excellence in raising awareness and understanding. Salo’s efforts resulted in recognition by the Washington Post in its annual ‘Top Work Places’ honors.

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